Ancestral Wisdom: Kundalini Mystical Adventures Belize

january 4-10th 2020 Sattva Land, Belize

The healing qualities of working with our ancestral line, is that it can provide us with a deep inherent foundation and wisdom. In the Aquarian Age it is integral that we connect to this wisdom to not only heal ourselves but the generations before us and after, is the sacred work that is needed on the planet right now. Join us in Belize for an experience of adventure and deep exploration of ancestal wisdom. We will be guided with Kundalini Yoga and meditation daily a practice to integrate from the highest space while Journeying into the sacred heart in the energetic vortex of Belize accompanied by the mystery of our ancestors through prayer, ritual, sacred pilgrimages, movement, and clean farm to table organic vegetarian/ vegan food.

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