Sattva Land is 20 acres of virgin lush jungle nestled in the Mayan Mountains of Belize Sattva is our home for 6 days. This broadleaf rainforest property is home to a complete immersion into the radical beauty of nature. A family of five, whose mission is to create an off-grid living experience, where the wide spectrum of what it means to live a regenerative lifestyle can be embodied, initiates this land project.  Sattva means purity, truth, and serenity. Sattva gives us balance and harmony between the relationship with our mind, body, and soul. The land blooms with Sattvic qualities that bring inspiration to the soul and peace to the mind with a natural mountain water pool, cacao forest, permaculture, green house and animals.


Belizeans refer to their country as “the Jewel” the home to more than 900 different Mayan ruins and sacred sites at the southern end of the Yucatan Peninsula, facing the Caribbean Sea it covers 8,866 sq. miles and has the second largest barrier reef in the world. In the north and west there are mestizos, people formed by the union of Spaniards, and Maya. In the Central there are the Creoles, formed the intermarriage of the British & their African Slaves. In south, there are the Garifuna, also called black Caribs, along the coast and the Maya farther inland. Sattva land is located in the Center of all of this beautiful culture.