Kundalini Mystical Adventures

expanded self belize

w/ Abhaijot Kaur & Amanbir Singh

January 5-11, 2019

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The sacred lands of Belize call you to begin the New Year on a mystical adventure. This retreat will begin on the powerful day of the the New Moon Eclipse- which is an exalted time for not only setting intentions, but to invite our highest dreams to blossom. In the setting of the healing rainforest of Belize, this is an opportunity to break through barriers and transform the pains of the past- to invoke the highest aspect of yourself to move forward powerfully in 2019.

2019 (2+0+1+9=(1+2)=3) is a vibration of the number 3 in Numerology, which is the number of expansive projection. To utilize the energy in this retreat of mystery, delight, and relaxation- we can expand our clarity to guide us throughout the year to come. Coupled with the tools of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, as well as deep meditation, excursions to the Mayan Temples, and sacred ceremony with locals. Join us for this aligned expedition to raise your vibration higher this year.


Amanbir Singh

Licensed Acupuncturist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

A New York City based Kundalini Yoga teacher Known for his sense of humor, original music, and extensive knowledge of the healing field, he offers a direct and fun approach to the healing dynamics of Kundalini Yoga.

He serves as one of the lead teachers and directors of Golden Bridge Global Yoga trainings around the world. In his 14 years of teaching Kundalini Yoga he has trained hundreds of others to share these powerful teachings. He has taught at many major yoga festivals including Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust, Ahimsa, and Kripalu. He has produced three music albums “Akal Groove” and “African Soul and Jaap” to inspire and uplift others that captures his modern embrace of the ancient sound current of mantras. He holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cooper Union.

Instagram: YogiAmanbir


Facebook: Amabir Singh Authentic Harmony

Abhaijot Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher, Radiant Child Teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, Kundalini Yoga Therapy, Holistic Gong Resonance

A Healer known for her transformative classes, Abhaijot is a New York based Kundalini Yoga teacher, and the lead TA at Golden Bridge Global Yoga trainings. A yogini since 15 she is humanitarian who loves to elevate the world through service. She has served the teachings of Kundalini Yoga in Uganda Africa in the schools, and women correctional facilities. She teaches yoga in corporate offices in NYC, the public schools and to the incarcerated women of Rikers Island in NY, and leads retreats around the world. Her love affair and gratitude for Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini Yoga and her Mentor Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and the teachings of Kundalini Yoga continue to embody her heart, life, and classes with healing love, depth, transformation, abundance, and light.

Instagram: IHeartKundaliniYoga


Facebook: I Heart Kundalini Yoga